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‘Casa da Antiga Vinha’

‘Casa da Antiga Vinha’ lays in the bay of Santa Cruz das Ribeiras. It is surrounded by a lush of green with a nice view on the wide open ocean, which is only three steps away. The house is a mix between the traditional old stone houses and modern style. The garden has some hammocks for you to doze away while you enjoy a slight sea breeze and the sound of the waves hitting the rock shore.

The house stands along ‘Cancela da Areia’ which literally means ‘Gate to the Sand’. In the old days, people came to this road to collect sand so they could build their houses. Now it is just a forgotten dusty sand road. Ideal to spend your holiday in nature, surrounded by peace and quiet.

Santa Cruz is home to a beautiful saltwater swimming pool with a small bar. It’s a five minute walk from your front door. This pool has open access from 8 am until 8 pm.

Prices Packages (to combine as desired)

  • €75 per night ‘Casa da Antiga Vinha’
  • 10% discount on outdoor activities
  • €12,5 per person per day for a ‘Specialized’ bike
  • €12,5 per person per day for a kayak
  • €7 fishing equipment per person for the whole stay
  • €12 spearfishing equipment per person for the whole stay


Details of the house

  • €75 per night

  • €25 pick up from airport or harbour

  • 3 bedrooms (4 single beds, 1 double bed)

  • 2 bathrooms (shower and toilet)

  • Kitchen and living room

  • Outdoor kitchen with fireplace

  • Garden with hammocks

  • Terrace with sea view

  • 10 min from Lajes

  • Cancela da Areia
    9930-302 Ribeiras
    Lajes do Pico

  • 38°23’53.5” N
    28°11’42.3” W


Hominis natura
Cancela da Areia
9930-302 RIBEIRAS
Lajes do Pico
Azores, Portugal


+32 479/73.81.66